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Institutional Locksmiths' Association
PO Box 9560
Naperville, IL 60567-0560


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The Institutional Locksmiths' Association is
a Nonprofit Association

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Who We Are

We are locksmiths, carpenters, and building engineers employed by and/or working for colleges, universities, hospitals, companies, institutions and government facilities involved in the installation, servicing, maintenance, specifying and/or recommending of security and life safety hardware.

Why the Institutional Locksmiths' Association?

Institutional locksmiths found themselves with problems but nowhere
to turn for help. We needed a forum to be able to discuss problems which occur in the institutional environment, such as:

* Help with key control and master keying issues
* Help with technical information
* Help locating parts, supplies, key codes, etc.
* Help communicating internal needs to their institution.

Benefits to Institutions

We are dedicated to increasing our professionalism for the benefit of our institutions through....

* Education
* Communication
* Cooperation
* Certification

Our Corporate and Associate Members include factory representatives and distributors of locksmith and security supplies. These contacts are invaluable to your institution by offering to members of the ILA:

* Free or low-cost training
* Products updates
* New product reviews

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