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Volume: 2 Number: 4
Opening Your World


President - Thomas Negron -

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Treasurer - Robert Gress

Recording Secretary - James Fragassi -

Corresponding Secretary and Calendar Editor -Vernon Kelley -

Sergeant At Arms - Jerry Bey -

Board Of Directors

Education Director - Dave Sharpe -

ILADVC Webmaster - Victor Lewis - or

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Due to time constraints, I must insist on all articles be on my desk by the second Friday of the month to be included in that month’s issue.

Anyone wishing to submit something for publication, (and all are welcome), may do so either by snail mail, E-mail, or in person. Just be sure, if there is a time frame constraint, to have it to me in time for the issue you want it in. Remember, the second Friday of the month. If not here it doesn’t go in.

If you have trouble writing put it on cassette tape and I’ll transcribe it.



I first want to thank the association and the Board for acknowledging me with a beautiful trophy at the dinner meeting in December. It was a wonderful surprise and for once it left me speechless. I want to thank the members who have come to me and acknowledged my work as newsletter editor and for the help some have given.

This is not an easy task to come up with things to say. Articles are always needed and appreciated. I never know what you want to see in this newsletter. So I am not always sure what to put in it besides my thoughts. It would be nice to hear from you. Your pros and cons, I am sure there are both. This is a learning experience for me and helpful criticism would help, as well as praise.

As Number Five in “Short Circuit” says “I need input, input, give me more input!

I had planed to write an article on Fire Codes this month, but, my computer crashed and the time I would have spent on writing it had to go to correcting the problems. Sorry for the delay.


November 27, 2000

The meeting was held at Tiffany’s Restaurant on Roosevelt Boulevard. It was a dinner and informal meeting. The food was great as well as the company of the members and their significant others and fun was had by all.

There were door prizes for the members and all the wives got to take home a table piece decoration made by Vernon’s Mother-in-law.

The short meeting consisted of Tom Negron giving several awards to members for their contribution to the organization. Then Bob Mock of Frugal Locksmith and chairman of GPLA spoke on the importance of having an association and participation in it. Bob then swore in the newly elected officers of our association (listed above).


I had a thought the other day --(imagine that), and I’m curious.

Those of us, (and I’m not one of them), who have taken the ALOA PRP exam and received a title, has that title done anything for you other than having a designation after your name? Has it given you recognition where you work or a pay raise? Or maybe a step up in the ladder of employment? How about getting you the job?

I guess what I am asking is, is it any good to have a nationally recognized title added to your name? If so, please write and let me know. Also of any experiences you might have had relating to these titles -good or bad.

While I’m on the subject of sending me stuff for the newsletter let me reiterate. It doesn’t matter if you can write or not, all I need is the thoughts. Everyone has at least one tape recorder in the house. Put it on tape and send it to me I’ll transcribe it. If you don’t have a tape let me know and I’ll send you one with a return envelope.


Has anyone not received their membership certificates? If not, contact Bob Gress at 215-671-9589 or or see him in person at the next meeting. We have a few of you that have not given your updated information as yet and Bob is not sure whether you have gotten your certificate yet.

A bus trip is being planed for the members interested in attending the ALOA Convention this July. A fee will be charged, the amount will be determined by how many go and how large a bus we need. Anyone interested in going please contact any board member with your name and how many in your party.

In the near future this newsletter will begin to have advertisements attached or in it somewhere. We are going to open it up to the venders and others for placing adds. This is necessary to offset the costs of the newsletter. As we grow and expand and the costs increase the amount I can absorb gets to be too much. I have been paying out of pocket for all expenses to publish this newsletter since its conception. I have had no regrets in doing so and will continue to do so until it pays for itself.


The new web site has arrived! It should be easier to find and easier to remember. Check the header for the proper address. Victor Lewis has done a fabulous job with it. Come visit it and see.

Victor has asked for someone to volunteer to assist him on the web site. According to him there isn’t that much to learn, he’s done all the hard work, but he should have someone in case he is unavailable to keep it up.

Anyone interested please contact Victor either through the web site Webmaster link or his E-mail address


Happy New Year to all of you! Hope Santa was good to you and you did not get a bag of coal. Well, we have a lot that we are setting up for our chapter this year. For now, we have two all day classes: one on I/C cores and another one on car openings with more to come later. As far as the meetings are concerned, we have something booked for each meeting until May.

So, let’s think back a minute on last year which I find to have been one of the busiest. First, we had quite a lot of classes: a few by Von Duprin, which were very good, then the computer classes that I found to be outstanding. Also the classes on door hanging that we gave were still another great one. We started a chapter web page with our own domain name which, if you do not know it yet, is ILADVC.ORG so take a minute to check it out.

Last, but not least, is the conference at ILCO Unican. The best part for me was the number of our chapter members who attended the conference. We had a ball. One thing that cannot be said about our chapter is that we stay still, and that is one thing to proud of. So when someone asks you what chapter of the ILA you belong to, look him right in the eyes and say, “Delaware Valley Chapter,” the one that grass cannot grow under.

Just one more thing. We could not have gotten this far without the help of the board and their dedication to the chapter’s advancement as well as the participation of all of you. So from me to you, thanks and let’s keep up the good work!


The minutes of the previous executive board meeting dated 5-6-00 by recording secretary Gerald Walkinshaw. The minutes were approved with the note that chapter reports from the Delaware Valley chapter, and the Northern Virginia chapter will be added to the minutes. A motion to accept the minutes was made, seconded, and approved by the sign of aye.

The treasurer’s report then was given by Roland Phillips. The report was accepted by the decree of President Phillip Rovenolt. There were no objections.

The floor was opened to Bob Gress of the Delaware Valley chapter who then read a “state of the I.L.A.” address to the general body.

The floor was then opened to Kurt Klockner of the Great Lakes chapter. He let the membership know that the conference for next year will not be held in Indianapolis but in the Chicago area. We then had a discussion on why we should allow other organizations to attend our functions at our member price as long as their organization reciprocates the same courtesy to our members.

The floor was then open for discussion for a proposed change in the by-laws article 1 section 2, to read: “We are locksmiths employed by and/or working for colleges, universities, hospitals, companies, institutions, and government facilities.

Also to change article 5, section 1-A (regular members) to read: “An individual who is employed or works for an institution, organization, or company as described in the corporate purpose. A regular member must make application, along with the application fee and one year’s dues. (And) After verification of application information, the applicant may be accepted for membership by vote of the board of directors. Regular members shall have voting rights, and shall be eligible to hold all association offices. Regular members shall have the right to attend all meetings the corporation, including Director’s meetings.

A vote was taken at this time to change the above two articles of the by-laws and was accepted by the sign of aye. The vote was unanimous.

A motion was made that the position of web master and the newsletter editor be granted the privilege of voting rights at board meetings and be considered board members. The motion was seconded and approved by the sign of aye. The vote was unanimous.

A motion was then made that a position of assistant treasurer be appointed to the board of directors as full board member with full voting rights. The motion was seconded and approved by the sign of aye. The vote was unanimous.

The floor was then turned over to Vice President Vernon Bradham for the purpose of national election of officers.

The nominations for Vice President were made and the candidates were Tom Negron, Fred Neske, Tom Anderson and Tom Campion.

The new Vice Presidents by election are: Tom Negron and Fred Neske.

The following offices were filled by unanimous:

A motion was made to table the other suggested changes in the by-laws until the next national general meeting. The motion was seconded, and approved by the sign of aye. The vote was unanimous.

Fred Neske then gave the web site report to the membership and let everyone know about the new web domain name and asked for any suggestions on how to make the web site better.

In his closing remarks, President Rovenolt then let the membership know that there is a strong possibility that there may be a seat on the A.L.O.A. board for the I.L.A. in the near future, thanked the membership for attending and emphasized that we should keep talking about the I.L.A. to keep others interested in us.

A motion was made to adjourn. The motion was seconded, and approved by the sign of aye.

Respectfully submitted,
James W. Fragassi
Recording Secretary


WE WILL MEET: January 22, 2001 AT:
The Greater Kensington String Band Club
7247 Edmund Street
(Just off Cottman Ave)
Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 215-624-9404

Free Food and Beverages!
Short Meeting and Presentation at: 7:00PM
There will be another new and interesting topic presented to
assist you in learning something new for your profession.

DIRECTIONS: Take I95 to the Cottman Ave. exit. Go west to the 2nd. Traffic light, which is Edmund Street, Turn Right and park, near the ball field. The String band Club is across Cottman Ave to the left. (There’s a sign in the lot next to the bldg. We are on the second floor.

Click here for MAP ( MapQuest ) to the meeting

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